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  Humane Society of Beaufort County

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     The Humane Society of Beaufort County and the Beaufort County Animal Shelter are two different organizations, but each with a specific duty to perform. Although we each have a different job description we work together for the benefit of all Beaufort County Animals. The Animal Control Officers have the authority to enforce laws regarding the treatment of animals, the Humane Society exists to assist, educate and support spay/neuter and help the shelter in any manner possible.

     The Humane Society of Beaufort County's primary emphasis for years has been reducing the number of unwanted cats and dogs in our county, but their numbers are still horrendous. Yes these statistics would undoubtedly be larger but they still need to be drastically reduced. 

     In 2001 the Beaufort County Animal Shelter euthanized 3,160 animals. During the first half of 2002 they have found it necessary to destroy 1,407 potential pets. Most of these animals are eager to please and cuddly, their eyes and hearts shining with love. They did not ask to be born into a world who would shun, abandon, dump and eventually kill them. Their wants are not so different from ours; love, friends, a family and a home. For them there were not enough of these basic needs available. So they died. 

     These are not inanimate objects to be tossed thoughtlessly away or brought into this world on a whim. They do know loneliness, they know fear, and they know how it feels not to be wanted. Their only legacy...to make room for the next horde of incoming victims of this disgraceful situation. As they died, they tore at the hearts and souls of those whose job it is to perform this rotten task. This is not a one time task for these people. They know they will be doing it again next week if not before. Could you do this job day after day, year after year? 

     Are you a part of this problem? Or perhaps someone you know? Do you have animals that have not been spayed and neutered? Do you permit your pets to reproduce and then call animal Control to come get these unwanted results of your indifference? Maybe you dump these tiny babies into the scary holding pen? 

     Do you say, you allow your pet a litter or two so your children can witness birth? And do you feel good because you placed these puppies and kittens in a home? If your animals had not needed homes there would have been more homes available for shelter puppies and kittens. Think about it. 

     Life is valuable. It is past time we join forces to reduce this blight that has settled over Beaufort County. Let's put an end to this waste of love and life. Give your cats and dogs the 'fix.' Spay and neutered them NOW!